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Hello again! I finally feel like I have something to write about!!

[DISCLAIMER – this is going to be an old school Sibling Revelry post. That means if you are a starry eyed superfan who thinks the Guys can do no wrong – this is not the blog for you. I reserve the right to be critical, sarcastic, and snarky. I also reserve the right, in my rightful role as a mom, to point out the perils of wearing tight clothing and tripping hazards. If you are with me, follow me over the jump. If you’re not, and you follow me anyway, don’t bother leaving a nasty comment. I’ll delete it. This is a personal blog, not a democracy.]

Ready? Here we go!



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Here’s a great little video full of old school Jonas antics from Music Choice Choice Cuts.

They are playing the “What do you want to be when you grow up?” game. Joe does most of the talking in this 49 second morsel, but he wouldn’t have pulled if off quite so well if Kevin and Nick were not sitting there making their “I’ll get you back later, Joe” faces.

It’s an instant classic, in the vein of old school Jonas laffs.

Check out the video and the Boys in their chosen (appointed?) future professions after the jump.


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Walmart Soundchec
Another exciting step in the lead up to the release of  Lines, Vines & Trying Times it’s Walmart Soundcheck (all access enabled).

These videos cannot be embedded, so you are going to have to go HERE to watch them. It’s no big thing.


So basically this is the most awesome thing and it has made my day, and thanks to Sonnnn (and all the others) who reminded me that there was something I was forgetting to remember to do this morning.

Filmed just before they left for South America, this “concert a la carte” features six songs (old and new), an interview, and (if you sign up for All Access) videos of their arrival at the Del Ray, a proper introduction to the horn section, cute footage of the Guys and the fans, etc. It is definitely worth your time.

More thoughts after the jump!


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A friendly reminder that the new video for “Paranoid” will premiere on the Disney Channel at 7:50 pm EST on Saturday May 23. Don’t miss it!

Also, a very friendly reminder from the Guys to pile on the radio support for “Paranoid” at your local Top 40 radio station (whether you are a listener or not).  As the Guys say, be persistent, but be nice.

Dubbed “Operation  Paranoid”, the goal is to get “Paranoid” to #1 (they are at #37 on the Billboard Charts right now).  Listen to their plea, and then get texting, emailing, and calling! How can you refuse?

The Guys also did a “Paranoid” video behind the scenes interview with Myspace. It will have to tide you over until the video premieres.

Check out the behind the scenes, after the jump!


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Wow, I had forgotten (well, sort of) how very much I love to hear them do some straight talk about producing and performing music (and all of their other hard work)…it feels oddly like it has been a while!!

The LA Times’ Pop & Hiss blog can be a bit of a pisher towards the Boys, but I have to suck it up and thank them heartily for this one – it really made my evening!

Peep those in-the-round stage renderings (!!!) – and enjoy the video (and some goodies) after the jump…


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Welcome to Moviefone‘s Jonas Brothers Unscripted! It’s a wonderfully charming series of videos with the Guys asking each other questions asked both by the audience  and by themselves.

I love this interview because the Guys get to ask questions they have always wanted asked of them, like “your best fan hi-light” (as opposed to the usual “weirdest fan moment” and “What things do you still want to accomplish given that you have accomplished so much already?” They are also asked the awesome question “If you could go back four years and give yourselves advice what would it be?” Good question, and Joe answers it well.

We get silly questions like “What do you like to sing in the shower – dance moves included?” and the great hypothetical “Kevin, if you could tour with any band ever who would it be?”  We also get some oddly direct questions like “Joe, when was the last time you rode your bike?” and “Joe, what is the favorite song you have covered?” Which leads into a sweet revelation about forgetting words to songs.

Silly, hypothetical, direct or sillily hypothetically direct, the guys handle all questions well with humor, ease, and animation.

It is great!

Watch the entire interview plus five bonus vids after the jump!


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They Guys will “ Take Over ET Stage!” tonight! They will also be on The Insider Check your local listings (ET airs at 7pm, and The Insider at 7:30  EST on CBS in my neck of the woods), tune in,  and share you thoughts on this thread.

While you wait, check other JB related items including a bit about the unveiling of their wax figures at Madame Tussauds in New York today, and a really great “Very Essential Jonas Brothers Photo Album!” slide show available on the ET website.

Check out a promo for tonight’s interview with Mary Hart after the jump! Plus analysis of the shows and more pictures.


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