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Hello again! I finally feel like I have something to write about!!

[DISCLAIMER – this is going to be an old school Sibling Revelry post. That means if you are a starry eyed superfan who thinks the Guys can do no wrong – this is not the blog for you. I reserve the right to be critical, sarcastic, and snarky. I also reserve the right, in my rightful role as a mom, to point out the perils of wearing tight clothing and tripping hazards. If you are with me, follow me over the jump. If you’re not, and you follow me anyway, don’t bother leaving a nasty comment. I’ll delete it. This is a personal blog, not a democracy.]

Ready? Here we go!



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That JONAS LA title may rank low for me on the new series soundtrack, but it is a good description of our approach to bloggin’ the show so far.  We’re watching it, enjoying it very much, but much of our recapping and chatter happens on Twitter these days.

Grant us pardon and use this new post for discussion of the soundtrack album release on Tuesday, July 20 (LBF’s 7th birthday!), or in the meantime if you’re a preorderer or future purchaser who is sampling the wares in advance.

And also please use it to discuss the latest JONAS LA episodes and those to come!!!

What’re your favorite episodes, songs and aspects of Jonas LA so far? Least favorite? What are you looking forward to?!

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Nick Jonas & Sonny Thompson on Ryan Seacrest 12.03.09.

This is a great interview! Nick talks about the decision to pursue this solo project, telling his brothers, why he wants to be president and twitter. He also performs an acoustic version of “Rose Garden,” the first song written for Who I Am. I really dig the song, it is haunting and Bluesy .

Listen to the whole interview here!

Listen to “Rose Garden” now after the jump!

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Today’s the Day!! – the first single from Lines, Vines & Trying Times, “Paranoid”, is fully out.  Released to radio on Friday (at least the meds-free, Radio Disney version), the album version is up on iTunes and Amazon today! I assume hard copy versions are out there, too?

Anyway. We know we all love it…but is it a hit?!  More thoughts after the jump…


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Will the wonders of modern technology never cease? Thanks to a tweet from our very own most favorite bass player, Greg Garbowsky, I learned that the recording from the Guys’ iTunes Live From Soho performance from last August 12th (part of their ALBL album release extravaganza) has been released as an EP. It is amazing!

For $5.94 you get 6 live tracks: “Shelf,” “Lovebug,” “A Little Bit Longer” (including speech), “When You Look Me In The Eyes,” “S.O.S,” and “Tonight.” You can definitely hear the crowd, but they are not too loud. And there are some pretty funny moments of people screaming (at what we can only imagine is going on on the stage), and someone yelling “get back” for a portion of “ALBL.” Classic. It is worth every penny. Click the image below to buy it from iTunes.


Follow me over the jump for a news piece on the “fandemonium” (as Joe would say) created by their appearance at the store, and some great pics from the show. You know you want to…


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Yay for new music!! I am still digesting the live album to decide what my favorite bits are, and of course LOVING having this record of the Burnin’ Up Tour.  “Love Is On Its Way” got me blissfully  through my morning commute (on repeat, naturally).

I am sure everyone is heading out for their hard copies as we speak, but it can’t do any harm to pick up a digital version on iTunes as well, can it?

As you can tell by the title of this post, I am still thrilled withthe ever-supportive Chris Willman’s embracing take on the live album in his EW review, and will be looking out for more reviews (which I will post links to after the jump if they come up)…

Let us know what feedback you find out there and, more importantly, what you think of the album!!


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