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Hello again! I finally feel like I have something to write about!!

[DISCLAIMER – this is going to be an old school Sibling Revelry post. That means if you are a starry eyed superfan who thinks the Guys can do no wrong – this is not the blog for you. I reserve the right to be critical, sarcastic, and snarky. I also reserve the right, in my rightful role as a mom, to point out the perils of wearing tight clothing and tripping hazards. If you are with me, follow me over the jump. If you’re not, and you follow me anyway, don’t bother leaving a nasty comment. I’ll delete it. This is a personal blog, not a democracy.]

Ready? Here we go!



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The day has finally arrived…


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That JONAS LA title may rank low for me on the new series soundtrack, but it is a good description of our approach to bloggin’ the show so far.  We’re watching it, enjoying it very much, but much of our recapping and chatter happens on Twitter these days.

Grant us pardon and use this new post for discussion of the soundtrack album release on Tuesday, July 20 (LBF’s 7th birthday!), or in the meantime if you’re a preorderer or future purchaser who is sampling the wares in advance.

And also please use it to discuss the latest JONAS LA episodes and those to come!!!

What’re your favorite episodes, songs and aspects of Jonas LA so far? Least favorite? What are you looking forward to?!

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Kevin, Joe, and Nick “took over” Radio Disney yesterday and had a nice chat with Ernie D.

They talk about Frankie’s cast tan, broken bones, costumes, new jokes, cereal, Joe’s glasses, and their favorite concerts they have been to as fans (hint: it has something to do with a Beatle). They also talk about Camp Rock 2, and tell some funny behind the scenes stories, and the second season of JONAS (which they seem very excited about), and Oceans, which premieres this weekend.

They talk a little bit about the fact that we have had no new music from them in a while (Kevin says they are prepping, and have lots of things coming up that will all hit at once) and they talk about the upcoming summer tour and how it will be “unlike any tour we (Jonas Brothers) have done before.” That part kinda made me want to throw up (considering the aforementioned rumors) – I am excited for a tour, but also terrified. No point in worrying about it now, I suppose.

There is also a lot of very cute interaction involving the Guys giving Ernie D tips to help with his stint as co-emcee at the T.J. Martell Foundation Family Day coming up this weekend.

Take a listen for yourself after the jump!


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So said Joe Jonas, anyway, while hanging out this morning with Ryan Seacrest (as Nick did in early December).  I tend to agree.  Or at least hope all the bandmembers agree, and double for us fans, in the end!

Take to the jump to listen to Joe chat with the ever-pot-stirring Ryan to promote his upcoming American Idol guest-judging stint (this Tuesday!…or Wednesday?), and talk about the persistent band breakup speculation, romance gossip debunking, his silver screen aspirations and (my personal favorite) his own recent songwriting spree.  Good stuff!!!


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On Saturday, Kevin and Joe interrogated Nick all about his new side project Nick Jonas and the Administration on Radio Disney.

The big brothers asked Nick about recording the album, finding the sound, touring on his own, nutrition and his voice, and how the NJA shows will differ from JB shows.

As it turns out, according to the Jonases, a major difference will be that Joe and Kevin will not be there, and the shows will be intimate and all about the music.  Joe and Kevin, though they will be checking out as many NJA shows as they can, will be chillaxin’ (*high five*) in one way or another. Cool.

They also ask Nick about what it was like to premiere his project in front of so many music legends and how Kevin has to remember to give Smokey Robinson that call…

Lots of other cool stuff, too!

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As promised!  Chatting away in the comments of the post about our “fanxieties” (or lack thereof), we found ourselves talking a bit about how much we wish some of our favorite unheard Jonas Brothers songs would see the light of day, but instead they seem to get left a bit in the dust, for whatever reasons.

So we thought now might be a good time to exercise our old listmaking muscles (remember these?) and dream up our ideal ‘Best of the Jonas Brothers’ album.

It may seem somewhat early in their career to do such a thing, but they have proven to be a fast-moving entity.  It’s About Time, Jonas Brothers, A Little Bit Longer & Lines, Vines & Trying Times. Four solid albums in four years is more than many groups of a more seasoned vintage can boast, and leaves us with many songs to choose from!!

And with the pervasive feeling that the band is going through a shift – hopefully ultimately an evolution – with Nick working on side material, and Kevin discussing possibly radical, “scary” changes for a future album, maybe this is exactly the right moment to take this set of albums into consideration for a Best of, Volume 1, of sorts.

So, just for fun, what would you put on your Best of?

Organize it however you want, but try to span all of the Jonas Brothers albums you know, and hit YOUR key moments in 10-12 tracks.  If you like, include your most-wanted, rare or never-released bonus material.  Explain your objective (just showing your favorites, or picking the songs you think would convince even the haters) and your reasons for each track pick.

Sound good?  OK. Have fun!  I know we will, reading.  (And making our own.)

[Via: Image from Polyvore user ♔ashley♥joejonas♔]

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