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They’re baaa-aaaack.

Jonas Brothers World Tour 2010 launched August 7th in Tinley Park, Illinois. Here’s your open post to discuss the tours’ shows as they come – with videos, photos and other news (whether you were there in person or just following along on Twitter & YouTube).

After the jump, take a peek at the reported set list [SPOILER ALERT!!!]…what do you think?!



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The Guys have a live chat today at 2pm EST (w00t!), and they would appreciate it if you took a moment to R.S.V.P.

If you have yet to graciously accept this invitation, or send your regrets, you can still do that here: http://bit.ly/jonasrsvp (I must say I was feeling more than just a little sympathy for them having to recite this address over and over).

The chat is presented on Facebook, so – if you don’t have one already – you will need a FB account. You will also need to add the Jonas Live application which, along with allowing you to watch the chat, will update your FB status every time you ask a question (for those not familiar with FB, this is a very annoying feature that you will need to turn off if you don’t want it to tell all of your FB friends all of the burning questions you have for Nick Jonas).

Once on FB, go to the Jonas Brothers page and click on the Jonas Live tab. It is self explanatory from there. Have fun!

MM and LBF are off to California (San Diego, to be exact) and will be in the air during the chat, and I will be at work, but you can watch and then talk all about it here, if you like. I will update this post with the video of the chat when it is all said and done.

Check out your personal invite to the chat from the Guys after the jump!
*Update* As promised, watch the full “Live From Atlanta” Chat after the jump!


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JB & Wondergirls (Kickballers) undefeated! 9-0 victory! Thanks to everyone that came out and supported a great cause!!!

JohnJay and Rich are back in the Jonasphere and this time – they are out for some Jonas blood. And by blood, I mean…they would really like to defeat them in the charity kickball game they will be playing today. It is going to be the Flying Monkeys vs. the Kickballers.

Well, they lost. The Flying Monkeys that is! The Kickballers (JB + Wonder Girls) won 9 – 0. Sweet!

The game was played to benefit the “Christmas Wish” program which is a part of the The Johnjay and Rich Care for Kids Foundation. The program “grants wishes and offers assistance to families in extreme need.” How awesome is that? Pretty darn awesome, I would say.

Check out some pictures from the game the action that was streamed live after the jump…


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But, sure,  we’ll take 5 if you are giving them away….

I love the Jonas Brothers. I really, really do. But I’ve discovered there are some things I don’t enjoy despite their involvement. These things include awards shows centered on the fickle whims of those people we loosely refer to as “teens”*.

As a dear friend of mine once said,  “In my day, teens had no choices, about anything, and WE LIKED IT!”

Darn tootin’.

And yet, I will watch every second of the 2009 Teen Choice Awards tonight at 8pm EST.

Join me, won’t you, as I blog along with the show. Who knows, maybe  I will love it and have my faith in humanity restored. Let’s find out together …after the jump!

*especially when the awards are not televised live and everyone already knows what happened – except me – well, pretty much.


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The Boys are making a seriously promoted appearance on Larry King Live tonight, 9pm EST/6pm PST. Shot in the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium (where we’ll be seeing them on Saturday – squeeeeee!) with 300 fans and astride the new stage setup, this looks like it could be really interesting!

Leading up, CNN sent correspondents along for the Boys’ recent European jaunt, where they noted their observations via blogs and photographs.  And the show website is chock full of even more goodies…quizzes, videos and more.

Hopefully this bodes well for the content of the interview…after the jump, check out the promo video, and come chat about your reactions to the appearance, before, during and after.  We’ll post updates as appropriate.


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Bad News: Last live chat for a while!

Good News: That’s because the album is coming out and the tour is starting soon!!!

It was a chill, mumbly, yet typically goofy and occasionally hyper family affair.

Full deal, embedded after the jump!


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I named this post in honor of that beauty of a ballad just posted to the Boys’ MySpace, penned with Garbo, as we know. (I LOVE it! I am a sucker for a good heartfelt, rocked up ballad.) But we are here for something at least as critical. Live chat – #2 of the Facebook Webcast series! Starting in 2 hours! (5pm PST) Over at their Facebook page, naturally.

And come enjoy it here, together, during or afterwards!

Sadly, Cpaig and I will probably not be able to attend live.  We’ll be at our nephew’s spring concert.  He plays the drums!! We think the Jonas team would understand.  (And if we’re lucky, we’ll catch the tail end of the chat!  Not that I wish technical difficulties upon anyone! 😉 )

Watch it –  after the jump – NOW!


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