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Many happy returns to our beloved Paul Kevin Jonas, II who is 23 today!

I just have to re-share the photos Mama J posted on twitter this morning… after the jump, or course…



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They’re baaa-aaaack.

Jonas Brothers World Tour 2010 launched August 7th in Tinley Park, Illinois. Here’s your open post to discuss the tours’ shows as they come – with videos, photos and other news (whether you were there in person or just following along on Twitter & YouTube).

After the jump, take a peek at the reported set list [SPOILER ALERT!!!]…what do you think?!


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Well…. what do you think?!


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What did we want?


When did we get ’em?


Getting highly anticipated tour dates is awesome, but I am not going to pretend that today’s announcement wasn’t dreaded by some in the Jonasphere. We dreaded it because of the rumors that have been swirling around for a few weeks. A Camp Rock Tour? With the cast of Camp Rock 2?  Sounds a little scary, right? To me it was.

I was scared because my nightmare vision involved more or less a production of Grease 2. Then I thought to myself, “Self, have the Jonas Brothers ever let you down when it got to brass tacks?” I could only answer “No.” (brass tacks being performing live). Am I a huge Camp Rock fan? Not really, but “Gotta Find You” is one of my MOST favorite JB songs performed live (Joe KILLS it every time), and I always enjoy “Play My Music” and “This is Me.” I am a fan of Demi, so there is no issue for me there. So I’m keeping an open mind and am looking forward to fighting for tickets on May 15.

Plus, I promised John Taylor I would go.

Joe, Kevin, Nick, and Demi were on Radio Disney this morning talking all about the tour and Kevin reassured us that they are touring as the Jonas Brothers (not Take 3). JB and Demi will be performing their own sets as well as together and with other CR2 artists.

I have not heard any of the CR2 songs yet (well this one), but I really enjoyed all of the Jonas related CR songs ( and “Our Time is Here” is one of my fave summer jams). Plus it sounds like there will be lots to do:

“From the minute you walk into the promenade – because we’re going to be playing amphitheaters during the summertime – it’s going to feel like a whole other world….It’s going to feel like you’re going to camp. There’s going to be things to do from the minute you walk in to the end of the night.”
–  Kevin Jonas from Kevin Jonas: Our Summer Tour Will Blow You Away By Bethany Powers, People Magazine, People Online, April 27, 2010

Hmm, sounds a little like Brad Paisley’s upcoming water themed tour.

I’m excited! I mean, it’s not a real summer without a Jonas show!

Check out a video of the Guys talking about the tour (and Cambio, and public service, and some other stuff – it’s a good video),  along with a clip of Kevin talking about the tour (and a cool “Field Trips for All” program Kevin is promoting) from our very own Fox 29 in Philadelphia!


TOUR DATES (tentative) after the jump!


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LOOK what my  (very sweet & very understanding) hubby got me for Valentine’s Day! A set of “old fashioned” tear-and-sign Valentines of the sort you would give to your class at school. They even come with JONAS pencils with all three guys and covered in the words “epic,” “superstar,” and “rockin’.” These valentines are all those things… well, not really superstars, I don’t see how a card can be a superstar, but they are indeed both epic and rockin’.

I am here to share my wealth with you as a thank you for being loyal readers. The first of you who let me know they would like a valentine and pencil will get one sent to them. It’s as easy as that. Put your request (and preference) in the comments below and I will get in contact with you for your shipping information.

Or, you can get your own full set  here! (Click over the jump to see more!)

Enjoy your day; maybe revisit the musical way we celebrated it last year. – What are your favorite love songs THIS year?!


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Who is this mystery man? He has recently appeared keeping company with Joe Jonas, Greg Garbowsky, Jack Lawless, and Ryan Liestman. Could he be a new band member? The roomie who really knows how to make fettuccini alfredo and always does the dishes?

I know we usually do not venture into the realm of gossip on this blog, but there is something about this guy that gives me the creeps (and it is not just because I am a Philadelphia Phillies fan… or is it?). 😉

See the evidence after the jump…


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Well, this has been an interesting week for Jonas fans…

Just as more of us began to grow accustomed to to the Jonas Brothers hiatus which had a primary media focus on the Nick Jonas & the Administration Tour & lead-up to the side project’s impending album, with Kevin Jonas marriage news sprinkled in, another shakeup in the Jonasphere: Joe Jonas is most definitely back to work. Surely not in the same way that Nick is, but definitely *on*.  Real entertainment news outlets are talking about it now, so it’s officially fair game around these parts. So what of it, Revelers?

Jump with me…


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