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Off we go!

After months (and months and months) of dormancy on our part, we are off to see the Jonai today! WOOOT!  It has been too long (last October! I saw Nick in January).

I can’t wait!

We’ve got a full day planned with the Road Dogs game followed by the show tonight in Camden (and maybe some shopping in Philly in between). We will be hanging out with Merry and E (who we’ve not seen for too long). It’s going to be perfect day for it! It is going to be AWESOME.

I will be making updates to the post throughout the e day – I am sure MM will keep the tweets flying as well.

Updates after the jump!



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Joe has graced us with a beautiful letter giving us all the details of his trip to Africa! It’s powerful, sweet, funny, and makes this super-fan glow with admiration. Just when I thought I couldn’t be more proud, I am.

He writes about life, happiness, adventure, and love. He encourages us all to take a look at our privileged lives, and remember that there are those in the world who have nothing. He also asks us to consider that possessions do not make our lives better, but allow us easily take our lives for granted.

I am doing it no justice, the letter really speaks for itself.

Read it after the jump!


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We are on our way up to Connecticut to see the Jonas Brothers at Mohegan Sun! Joining us on this trip are Sonnnn, Merry27, and her daughter E. By all accounts it should be a most excellent adventure!

We all will be keeping everyone up to date via our various twitters, and I will try to do some mobile blogging, but that didn’t work so well the last time.

Off we go!


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OK, y’all, I’m gonna change the format up a bit here with tour posts. Last year I waited for a blog to post, but with the advent of twitter (etc.) we are getting more info on a daily basis. I am going to be aggregating each tour week into one (most likely progressively epic) post. We’ll see how it goes, and I will adjust format as necessary.

I will post my favorite pictures, and videos that I find for each venue, as well as compile tweet by tweets. Now…

What I need you all to do is post your favorite pics, reviews, videos, etc. – relevant to the week’s tourdates – in the comments.

We also need a little refresher on who is going to what shows  (our dear Jonas Calendar host went offline some time ago *sniffle* so we are out of sorts in that regard). We are very excited to hear about all of your experiences!

There is no ban on anything, so feel free to post what you like. We want this to be the best summer ever!

For now, let’s jump into week 1!


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*clap* *clap* *clap* clap*

Deep in the heart of Texas!

We are on the road again…Jonasing, off to see the world tour opener in Dallas, Texas! I am just a little beside myself about it. We have been promised a great show, with guests and surprises, and I know the Guys will not let us down!

We will be updating from the road* via this post (sweet!) and twitter. So, come along with us, won’t you?

On the road updates, and my inspiration for my post title, after the jump! YEEEHAW!

P.S. I wish you were all actually coming with us!

If you are not interested in staging spoilers don’t click through.


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