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The Boys are back! They returned after a long cold Jonas Brothers-less winter to play the Houston RodeoAll accounts point to awesomeness.

Yes, this winter was very long, very cold, and very Jonas Brothers-less indeed. I know, I know, we got lots of Nick Jonas & the Administration – which is awesome, but I’ll admit I save my loudest squees for the most awesome combo of Kevin, Joe, Nick, Bulldozer, and The Horns (and others who were not  in Houston, but we love all the same).

I had SO MUCH fun reading Netter’s tweets from the rodeo, and just knowing that they were all together performing was wonderful.

They played a full show including NJA’s “Who I Am,” “This is Me” with Demi Lovato (who was also the opener), and an extremely enjoyable cover of Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You.”  They put on cowboy hats for that one, and Kevin sings a verse. I was not familiar with this song before, but I really like it and think it was a great choice for a cover for them.

So, yeah, it was an awesome Jonas day.  Oh wait, they also managed to hit up LA for the Vanity Fair and Elton John Oscar night parties and they looked amazing!

Ride ’em out over the jump to watch some video from the rodeo show, and look at some choice pics from the show and the red carpets!



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That’s right!

The Guys were presenters tonight at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, CA.

They look so mature, so polished…so…


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Ending with 43,000 in Sau Paolo, Brazil. Thank you so much South America! (Twitter)

Wrapping up the South American leg of their World Tour, the Guys had a show in São Paolo, Brazil last night. They are coming home for a spell before they head to Europe for some shows in June, leading up to the big launch of the US leg of their tour in Dallas (where else?) on June 20!

We just got home from South America and it was absolutely amazing!

We visited 4 nations – Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil

We had 7 concerts in 8 days

We sang in front of 200,000 people

We had a blast with Demi and our entire team


It was an experience that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

It made us even more excited to GET BACK ON TOUR THIS SUMMER!!!

We can’t wait to visit you again soon AND THE REST OF THE WORLD

We just arrived in Dallas, Texas and will start rehearsals for the World Tour this week

Thanks for being the best fans in the world


Come over the jump for some concert pics, selected tweets, and an amazing concert video!


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The Guys are in Rio for the premiere of JB3DCE, some sightseeing, and to play a show. Luckily they will be in town for a couple of days to complete this list of tasks.

All accounts are that Rio was wild with fans (and encircled guards with their arms spread – impenetrable!).  South America is really doing a good job of showing their JB love. That is for sure.

Come over the jump for aggregated tweets, premiere pics, etc.

I will update this post with Brazil stuff when it becomes available.


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JBBA09Buenos Aires…Big Apple!

Buenos Aires is totally, totally rad…
– John Taylor (Twitter)

Charging full steam ahead on their World Tour, JB is in Argentina today for the usual (pressers, etc) and a show. Tomorrow they will be in Brazil!

I will update this post with Argentina updates as they become available.


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The Guys are in Santiago, Chile today for the next stop on their World Tour. They were greeted as warmly as they were in Peru, received some album certifications, and were even able to fit in a game of Wiffle ball before they went on stage!

We just finished our show here in Santiago, Chile and it was AMAZING!  It is a beautiful city with amazing people.  We have been treated so well and the fans are so passionate.

Everyone has been so great and knew EVERY WORD OF EVERY SONG.

So impressed with the fans here in Chile and Peru.

Can’t wait to see the fans in Argentina tomorrow!!!!


Check back for Chile updates as they become available!


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Yes, I am a channeling The Little Mermaid, because I am seriously wondering just how many treasures one Seventeen Magazine article can hold.

None of us (to my knowledge) even has it in our hot little hands yet, but already we’re digging through the spoils. Photos, videos, quotes…PLAYLISTS!!!

And then of course, there are the myriad little spinoff articles reacting to the primary one like so many tickbirds on a rhinocerous’ back, clamoring for attention.  I’m not even sure where to begin!

And so I won’t…yet.   Consider this an open-ended post until we get a chance to absorb the goodies.  Let loose with your own reactions, here, ’til then! And look to pick up your copy as soon as you can.


[Via: JonasPhotos.org c/o JonasHQ; Seventeen Magazine; h/t Flamom]

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