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Many happy returns to our beloved Paul Kevin Jonas, II who is 23 today!

I just have to re-share the photos Mama J posted on twitter this morning… after the jump, or course…



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This new video from the Guys has it all. On its surface it is a promo to get you to watch Camp Rock 2 (which premiered tonight, by the way), but is oh so much more. First we have all of Bulldozer there. Second they are being funny because they are being guys and they are not afraid of little girls thinking they are gross (FYI they are ALL gross). And third, well… you will just have to watch it…. after the jump…


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This was my first time watching the show Minute To Win It, and I must say it was a ton of fun. First off, Kevin was just awesome. Cool under pressure, confident, masterful – the Kevin we know and love. Of course he was supported by his loving family (minus Joe) which always helps. I am not a person who is shy when it comes to extolling Kevin’s talents, but even I was blow away at how good he was at these games.

Kevin was playing for The Change For The Children Foundation, and to have a ton of fun as well, I’m sure!

Just in case I’m being a spoiler, details after the jump!


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Of course we are going to be singing Jonas Brothers songs, we are the Jonas Brothers. Why wouldn’t we?

OK, despite a few technical difficulties with this chat (the sound was bad, the video was black for about 5 minutes, and the camera operator seemed to have spiked his Snapple) the JB surprise live web cast was a success! What else would it have been?

Firstly they all emphasized that the tour is a Jonas Brothers with Demi Lovato and friends who happen to be in Camp Rock  1 & 2 and maybe some Hip Hop Masterminds tour (*breath*). They will do their own sets as well as perform together. It sounds like a party!

I really appreciate the Guys understanding that there has been some fanxiety about this tour and chose to address it so directly (Thanks loads, Guys – we love you).

It was the basic live web cast set-up (table, folding chairs, cardboard clad mystery location, Macbook Pro) and the format was familiar (talking points, laughter, teasing, giving advice, trying in vain to read fan questions, laughing at inappropriate comments we could only imagine) but they had a special guest (David Henry), and they called fans who announced their phone number to the Guys (as well as all their FB friends and everybody else who was watching the comment stream*).

They asked us what we wanted to see and hear on the tour, if we had any questions about JONAS 2.0 (AKA JONAS LA), and gave us information on a VERY SWEET Mother’s Day contest the guys are running through Team Jonas (you write why your mom is awesome, and if they choose your mom they will send her flowers!).  G’awww (as Mememoi would say).

Plus, Kevin was on FY-ER! I was laughing out loud. I think he made me snarf my lemonade once. Which hurts by the way, I don’t recommend it.

Take the jump to watch the whole wobbly kinda hard to hear chat after the jump (at least the missing video has been restored.)

*Which included some VERY SKETCHY creepy people with disgusting profile photos making gross comments. I – a 34 year old woman who has been married for 10 years – had to shut off the comments. So just beware, girls – Please!


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The Boys are back! They returned after a long cold Jonas Brothers-less winter to play the Houston RodeoAll accounts point to awesomeness.

Yes, this winter was very long, very cold, and very Jonas Brothers-less indeed. I know, I know, we got lots of Nick Jonas & the Administration – which is awesome, but I’ll admit I save my loudest squees for the most awesome combo of Kevin, Joe, Nick, Bulldozer, and The Horns (and others who were not  in Houston, but we love all the same).

I had SO MUCH fun reading Netter’s tweets from the rodeo, and just knowing that they were all together performing was wonderful.

They played a full show including NJA’s “Who I Am,” “This is Me” with Demi Lovato (who was also the opener), and an extremely enjoyable cover of Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You.”  They put on cowboy hats for that one, and Kevin sings a verse. I was not familiar with this song before, but I really like it and think it was a great choice for a cover for them.

So, yeah, it was an awesome Jonas day.  Oh wait, they also managed to hit up LA for the Vanity Fair and Elton John Oscar night parties and they looked amazing!

Ride ’em out over the jump to watch some video from the rodeo show, and look at some choice pics from the show and the red carpets!


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The Guys came together and joined more than a hundred fellow celebrities for the Hope For Haiti Now telethon which aired last night. They were there to raise money to help the victims of the huge earthquake which caused Haiti unfathomable destruction, loss of life, and continued suffering.

Kevin, Joe and Nick manned the phone banks, but there were also performances, heart wrenching video essays, and phones answered by some of our most beloved people.

Kevin talks about taking calls and how it is important to help others – always:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Haiti“, posted with vod

You can read more about their experience here.

A benefit album of the evenings performances featuring some amazing artists like Coldplay, Alicia Keys, Wyclef Jean, and many others is available for pre-order from iTunes now with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit the people of Haiti.

It is a great cause, and if you missed your opportunity last night you can still give here.

If nothing else, please keep the people of Haiti in your hearts and prayers.

Follow me over the jump for one of the many moving performance of the evening.


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The happiest of birthdays to our beloved Kevin Jonas!

We know this year will be a huge one for you so we are sending you all of our love and best wishes for a year where all your dreams come true. (…and many more!)

Something just for you after the jump!

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