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Many happy returns to our beloved Paul Kevin Jonas, II who is 23 today!

I just have to re-share the photos Mama J posted on twitter this morning… after the jump, or course…



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LOOK what my  (very sweet & very understanding) hubby got me for Valentine’s Day! A set of “old fashioned” tear-and-sign Valentines of the sort you would give to your class at school. They even come with JONAS pencils with all three guys and covered in the words “epic,” “superstar,” and “rockin’.” These valentines are all those things… well, not really superstars, I don’t see how a card can be a superstar, but they are indeed both epic and rockin’.

I am here to share my wealth with you as a thank you for being loyal readers. The first of you who let me know they would like a valentine and pencil will get one sent to them. It’s as easy as that. Put your request (and preference) in the comments below and I will get in contact with you for your shipping information.

Or, you can get your own full set  here! (Click over the jump to see more!)

Enjoy your day; maybe revisit the musical way we celebrated it last year. – What are your favorite love songs THIS year?!


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The happiest of birthdays to our beloved Kevin Jonas!

We know this year will be a huge one for you so we are sending you all of our love and best wishes for a year where all your dreams come true. (…and many more!)

Something just for you after the jump!

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Well here we are, we knew the day was coming.  One of our (and most definitely MY) favorite teen idols is no longer a teen himself. What else can I say that I haven’t said before but, Joe Jonas, you’re the MOST!!

It’s a big milestone, putting one’s teen years in the rearview (I’m just gearing up to put my twenties in the same place *gulp*).  So to celebrate this momentous occasion, I have cobbled together a little musical tour of just what it all means, this crossing of the threshold into twentyishness.



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April 1, 2009

is the one year blogaversary of
Sibling Revelry!

Well, we are pretty sure it is, anyway…

What started as (1) a Jonas obsession shared by two sisters which manifested itself in neverending IM chats and Jonas video link exchanges, and what was meant to be (2) a personal Tumblr blog that ended up being all about those irresistible Jonas Boys came together with a platform change, to become this blog last April Fools’ Day.

One year later, we are still two Jonas-obsessed sisters, but now we have another blog contributor, and lots of great commenters who do plenty of contributing themselves. And we are very happy for it – no joke.

Our goal was to create the sort of Jonas fanblog we were not finding out there.  We wanted it to be simple, clean cut,  with great pics & vids, but also with fleshed-out,  insightful (even funny) posts that took a media savvy look at the Jonasphere and the growing Jonas empire. We hoped it would be a great place for nontraditional  (non-tween girl) JB fans to feel included.

For the first month or so,we actually began to think we were the only nontraditonal ones and then BLAM! – what we were looking for came to us. The best group of people anyone could ask for came and built a fan community on our blog, second to none for quality and trueblueness. We got so lucky.

Take to the jump for some blog stats and highlights!


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They just blogged to say they love us
. Well, they didn’t actually SAY that, but we know, we know. A sweet Valentine note from the Guys.

We wanted to wish the best fans in the world…


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We would love to hear from you.


Kevin, Joe and Nick

Awww! Ditto, Guys.

Click over the jump for their Valentine’s SayNow, a personal 3D Valentine from each Jonas ( 😦 ),  and some a lovey dovey ditties we love!


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Today, I’m feeling less fixated on auld lang syne – that’s “the days gone past”* – than the days yet to come.  Since we’ve just reflected pretty thoroughly, and there’s more reflection where that came from, it’s out of my system for the time being and I feel like yelling, “ONWARD“!

[*Yeah, I had to look it up – and I enjoyed the Scots dialect I found there, hence tonight’s title, cuz Robert Burns rulezzz!!]

So, at this moment that means, at least in part, anticipating the Boys’ performance on New Year’s Rockin Eve.  Or checking out where they will fit into Disney Channel’s Totally New Year.

…Or perhaps just feeling the stress and tension of quandaries about facial hair** and fear of unruly crowds of very young women desperate enough to brave this cold for the Jonases, and therefore capable of anything.  Ohmygoodness.

[**For the record, I am not prescriptive about these things – or one of those fans still pining for the Joehawk – I say go for it, Joseph, try something new!]

Thus, here’s a new thread in which to lodge our squees and updates as the night unfolds…

Join us, over the jump.


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