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*Stands* My "name" is Mememoi (pronounced meh-mwah) and I am a Jonas Brothers superfan. I started getting into them around January 2007, when Year 3000 debuted on the Disney Channel. My first reaction was a shrug and a "Meh, whose spoiled looking kids are THESE on my teevee?" When 'Kids of the Future' went into rotation, my ears pricked up a little more. I loved the original and a Disney reinterpretation was a-okay with me; also these 'spoiled looking kids' were starting to seem pretty cute. The knock-out blow to my resistance: when 'Hold On' began to air. I liked this song the most so far and found 'the lead kid' to be uber-charismatic. There was much Googling and Youtubing before long. I wanted to know what their deal was and if I could find proof that they could sing live, which was important to me. They pretty much only got more interesting and charming with "research" thus destroying many of my snotty pretensions and prejudices about popular music (and other things) and, like many of us, I would now do about anything (legal) to be a booster. So - Jonas Brotherrrrrrsss! I think they are a great band!! I love 'em all (including the non-fraternal band members)! But I might as well be honest, I think my Joe-centricity will become clear.

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