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Hello again! I finally feel like I have something to write about!!

[DISCLAIMER – this is going to be an old school Sibling Revelry post. That means if you are a starry eyed superfan who thinks the Guys can do no wrong – this is not the blog for you. I reserve the right to be critical, sarcastic, and snarky. I also reserve the right, in my rightful role as a mom, to point out the perils of wearing tight clothing and tripping hazards. If you are with me, follow me over the jump. If you’re not, and you follow me anyway, don’t bother leaving a nasty comment. I’ll delete it. This is a personal blog, not a democracy.]

Ready? Here we go!

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Happy Happy! [Berfday]

Many happy returns to our beloved Paul Kevin Jonas, II who is 23 today!

I just have to re-share the photos Mama J posted on twitter this morning… after the jump, or course…

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The day has finally arrived…

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May it be the best one yet!

(and many more!!!!)

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This new video from the Guys has it all. On its surface it is a promo to get you to watch Camp Rock 2 (which premiered tonight, by the way), but is oh so much more. First we have all of Bulldozer there. Second they are being funny because they are being guys and they are not afraid of little girls thinking they are gross (FYI they are ALL gross). And third, well… you will just have to watch it…. after the jump…

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Off we go!

After months (and months and months) of dormancy on our part, we are off to see the Jonai today! WOOOT!  It has been too long (last October! I saw Nick in January).

I can’t wait!

We’ve got a full day planned with the Road Dogs game followed by the show tonight in Camden (and maybe some shopping in Philly in between). We will be hanging out with Merry and E (who we’ve not seen for too long). It’s going to be perfect day for it! It is going to be AWESOME.

I will be making updates to the post throughout the e day – I am sure MM will keep the tweets flying as well.

Updates after the jump!

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They’re baaa-aaaack.

Jonas Brothers World Tour 2010 launched August 7th in Tinley Park, Illinois. Here’s your open post to discuss the tours’ shows as they come – with videos, photos and other news (whether you were there in person or just following along on Twitter & YouTube).

After the jump, take a peek at the reported set list [SPOILER ALERT!!!]…what do you think?!

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